Filament Winding Machine for FRP Pipe or Tube Making

Filament Winding Machine for FRP Pipe or Tube Making

The diameter selection of FRP pipes winding equipment HBYX can layout and manufacture is: DN15mm-DN4000mm.
Make an instance with the pipe winding machine which can create highest diameter 2500mm:
QFW-2500VI FRP Pipe Creation Line
one. Introduction
FW-2500VI Pc manage Winding Equipment is adopted superior damp continual fiber winding process, it is a new solution developed in China, and its perform house has been improved and created for a lot of occasions. The equipment has really reasonable construction, creative design, and it operates simply, the interface among operator and machine is affordable. 
2. The primary parameters   The overall power: 85kw
2.2  The greatest diameter can be produced: DN200-2500mm
2.3  The powerful length of the pipe:12m
two.four  The productiveness:1000kg/h
2.five  The baking board’s temperature of curing station:a hundred and five-a hundred and sixty degree centigrade
two.6  The maxi pace of conveying roving: 100m/min  The width of the roving sheet:200mm
2.eight  The winding angle: 30°-90°
two.nine  The maxi speed of operate: 90m/min
two.10  The maxi mould-unloading pressure:83t
two.11  The rated drawing force of the capstan:5t
two.twelve  The rated stress of the hydraulic program:16MPa
Notice: if provides the infrared ray baking boards, the whole power: 135KW
three. The main traits of the equipment The refined configuration: We produced the components and the plan by ourselves and committed to have the superior configuration, and the servo motor, the servo driver, the transducer, the photoelectric encoder are adopted Siemens, Germany. The industrial management computer is made in Xihu (West Lake) Dis.a CZPT, ZheJiang , which assures the legal responsibility, steadiness, and precision of the even though equipment working. The menu is displayed in Chinese and English, the interface among the operator and the device is realistic, it is straightforward to work and the doing work problem can be altered freely through the rotary knob on the panel board. 
3.2 It has been adopted the newest version winding application developed by ourselves. And the roving arrangement is typical, enclosure is total, the situation of the trolley is accurate. The wound consequence must be standard rhombuses checked by a single piece of roving. The parameter this sort of as the width of roving sheet, the winding length and the winding diameter are all not limited in the application.
3.three The capabilities of the controlling system contain hand management, semi automated, computerized, emergency brake, limit change security and stepless speed regulation. It need to not have an effect on the linearity when the perform of stepless pace regulation has been started.
3.4 The winding resin and incorporating mortar supplementary resin are conveyed into the mixer by the normal volume pump, following the curing agent handed the flow meter, atomized by the force air, and then mixed with the resin in the mixer. Be flowed out with each other from the mixer, and then be sprayed into the winding resin tank and the sprayer of incorporating mortar supplementary resin separately. This kind of standard quantity pump has some advantages, these kinds of as big adjustment assortment of quantity of circulation, to work simply and reduced stoppage compared with the other kind of mixer.
three.five The motive electrical power of the winding trolley managing is positioned at a single end of the mattress entire body, the motor drives the reducer and drag the trolley to go by the chains, and it is established the adjustment unit for the tightness of the chains at the finish of the entire body.  3.6 The operating energy gadgets of the inner layer producing equipment and the winding machine are positioned at one particular stop of the mattress human body. The motor drives the planetary equilibrium wheel reducer, and drags the trolley to run CZPT by means of the chains. The changing system of the chain loose or quick has been established at the tail end of the mattress body. Or the working electrical power products are positioned at one particular side of the trolley, the motor push the reducer and drag the trolley to run by rack and gear wheel transmission program.
three.7 The trolley of the inner layer generating equipment matches the hydraulic lifting system to meet the diverse diameter of the pipes.
3.eight The resin provide technique of the interior layer producing machine is very same to the winding device. The film clamper and the woven materials clamper are set on the trolley, and their tensile can be modified, they can make the film and the woven materials be wound on the mould steadily.
three.9 The curing station is adopted power saving variety infrared ray baking boards, they are positioned in the longitudinal direction parallel with the mould. They can make the pipe heated steadily throughout the curing. If the indoor temperature is over 15ºC in wintertime, the baking board can be energy-off to save energy and can decrease the price. The baking board can be divided into two teams, it can use only with a single team when wind the quick pipe.
three.10 Other than the mould-unloading device, the other solitary units are all set equipment stock heads and machine tails, utilised to support and generate the mould.
3.eleven The repairing machine is established h2o-spraying device, it can reduce the pollution of the dust in the air, to extend the daily life of the grinder.
three.twelve The resistance centre in between the pipe and the mould is coincident with the forcing centre of the mould-unloading hydraulic container in the mould-unloading equipment, and they are fastened.Each of the mould supporting trolley and the pipe supporting trolley are adopted forklift structure for supporting the moulds with different diameter.
Throughout mould-unloading, the mould-unloading drive is excellent at the starting, the power equipped by hydraulic container when the mould drawn from the pipe at some distance, the mould-unloading force becoming modest, at this moment, the capstan engine has been place on to enhance the mould-unloading velocity.
4. The parts of FW-2600VI Computer management Pipe Production Line
4.1 Internal liner manufacturing machine, its quantity is 1 set Major shaft transmission technique
4.1.2Transmission method of trolley and working body (its size is 18meters) managing system front and rear support frames for supporting the mould supply and showering method hydraulic lifting system
four.1.8Film and cellular fabrics clamper
4.1.9CZPT pumping station
4.2 Laptop management winding device, its quantity is a single established
four.2.1 Primary shaft transmission program
4.two.2 Winding trolley and transmission program
4.two.three Including mortar trolley and transmission method
4.2.four Lifting and supply mortar system
4.two.5 Bed entire body (its length is 19 meters)
four.two.six Incorporating mortar trolley and transmission technique
4.2.7 The front and rear support frames for supporting the mould
4.two.8  Computer managing method
four.2.nine  The resin supply method for winding and for health supplement in including mortar
four.2.10 Film and mobile fabrics clamper
4.2.eleven Sliding unit
four.three Curing stations, its amount is 4sets 
four.three.1 Major shaft transmission program       
four.3.two The entrance and rear help frames for supporting the mould
4.three.3 CZPT apparatus controlling method
4.three.four Curing framework and infrared ray baking boards
4.4 Fixing machine, its amount is a single set
4.4.1 Main shaft transmission method
4.four.two The front and rear assistance frames for supporting the mould
four.four.3  Socket conclude uniform device
four.4.four Spigot finish repairing gadget
4.4.five CZPT equipment managing system
four.4.six Dust taking away method
four.five Mould unloading device, its quantity is 1 established Gantry
4.five.2 Unloading mould trolley
4.five.three Supporting pipe trolley
four.5.4 Supporting mould trolley
4.five.five Substantial speed dragging mould program
4.five.six Unloading mould hydraulic program
4.5.7 Electricity Managing box
4.five.eight Xihu (West Lake) Dis. keep track of
four.5.9 Sliding device
4.5.10 Pulling cable bracket
4.six  Resin mix station, its quantity is one established Underground storage tank
four.6.two Blend tank
four.six.3 Resin conveying program
four.six.4 CZPT contribution box
five. Crucial elements  PC CZPT laptop: produced in ZheJiang , china
five.2  The spindle transducer: manufactured in Simons, Germany
five.3  The servo motor and the driver of the trolley: made in Panasonic, Japan
5.4  The photoelectric encoder: made in OMRON, Japan
five.5 World balance reducer: manufactured in Xihu (West Lake) Dis.i Team, ZheJiang , China
5.6  The electrical elements: created in Delixi Team, China
six. The improved specialized service
six.1 Provide the complex resources for producing the equipment (the instruction for operating the gear, the electrical chart, the foundation chart of the tools).
6.2 Offer the design and style common and layout computer software for the FRP pipes, and proceed the education for the pipe process style. 
six.3 Provide the FRP material manufacturers and commence with the coaching for the winding technology.
six.4 Supply the types for the laboratory check, and the screening for the gear, and proceed the education for the tests technological innovation.


Filament Winding Machine for FRP Pipe or Tube Making


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